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September 2016 Team Newsletter

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Campaign 20 has ended.

Check out the due dates for Campaign 21!

RPS 1 Due 9/21 Wednesday
RPS 2 Due 9/22 Thursday
RPS 3 Due 9/25 Sunday
RPS 4 Due 9/26 Monday
RPS 5 Due 9/27 Tuesday
RPS 6 Due 9/28 Wednesday
RPS 7 Due 9/29 Thursday
RPS 8 Due 10/2 Sunday
RPS 9 Due 10/3 Monday
RPS 10 Due10/4 Tuesday

Make sure you are ordering plenty of brochures.  The 4th Quarter is starting and it’s the biggest shopping season of the year.  Avon has lots in store for the holiday.  Be on the lookout for previews.

I hope you’ve been checking your emails.  There’s new changes, updates, and improvements!  Are you watching Avon Web TV?  You should!  You’ll get first hand info on the HOTTEST new items in the brochures.  You can always find Avon Web TV episodes on  Check out the latest episode below.

If you missed Repfest, you’ll get a second chance.  Save the date and Register Now!  Mini Repfest will be in Pikesville on October 4, 2016 for our District 2617.  You’ll get a preview of the holiday line up.  Click here to register today.  Select the Pikesville location and I’ll see you there.

Stay connected on the go!

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Image result for avon social media centerKeep your customers connected too!  Use the Social Media Center to share new products and other info with your customers via social media.  Link your social media accounts and share with one click!  There’s even an APP.  Find out more at

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Top Sales in Campaign 18

Coressa B.  $231

Top Sales in Campaign 19

Queenette M. $447

Sales Chart – Order Size Earnings

Order Size Earnings
$0 – $49.99 0%
$50 – $149.99 20%
$150 – $294.99 30%
$295 – $439.99 35%
$440 – $924.99 40%
$925 – $1,574.99 45%
$1,575 + 50%


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