Campaign 17 Can’t Miss Sales

If you haven’t seen the Avon campaign 17 brochure, check out the current sales online.    Order online from Campaign 17 thru August 3, 2017.  

Click the links below to shop the Avon catalogs.  

Avon Catalog Campaign 17

Mark Campaign 17

Outlet Campaign 17

Summer Style Campaign 17

Travel Campaign 17

Once you have finished checking out the online catalogs, you can place your order by entering the product number on my website.   Remember you can only order from the current brochure and the 2 prior campaigns.  

– Go to

– Click on Quick Item Entry (found at the top of your screen)

– Add your items by entering each product number to check out quickly. 

Back Order from 2 Prior Campaigns

Did you know you can back order from the 2 prior campaigns?   Be sure to have your product number and the Campaign you want to order from.  

Once you are ready to place your order:

1. Click ‘shop now’ on my website. 

2. In the upper right hand corner of screen, click ‘shop by product number’.

3. Enter your product numbers and select the correct Campaign from the drop down box. 

When you order online you are added to my brochure mailing list.  (Mailing list is updated every 6 campaigns.)

July Team Newsletter

Hello Team,
Summer is in full swing. I hope everyone is having an awesome and fun summer. While we have warm weather you should take every opportunity to get out and share your brochures and samples with new potential customers. I say this, because I know how hard it is to get out during the cold and sometime inclement weather.  

Tips to increase customers and order size:

1. Order more brochures

2. Always have brochures on hand.

3. Order samples. People love seeing and trying before purchasing! Especially Fragrances.  

4. Wear and Use your Avon Products!  


Campaign 14 – Serah A.  $221

Know what you are earning! Check out the sales chart below to see where you stand with your earnings.

Current Avon Incentives

Turn On The Charm

Incentive active campaigns 14-17. Keep your customers feeling fabulous all summer long and earn an exclusive Avon Charm Bracelet, when you meet your personalized incentive goal. Meet your sales goals in all 4 campaigns and earn the bracelet with 9 charms as an extra special treat. Check your email to find out your personalized goals.


Not an Avon Rep yet, join my team online or contact me and I can help you get started.  

Boss Life Business Bling

Incentive active for campaigns 14-17. This hot new incentive is designed to earn you prizes that will build and accessorize your Boss Life business. 

  Not in Avon Leadership yet? Contact me for help getting started.


 Team Incentive

For the Month of July (Campaigns 16 and 17) I’m offering the rep with top sales $25 from the What’s New Demo Brochure. If your sales reach $400+, you can order $50 from the What’s New Demo Brochure. My Treat!


I’m so excited that I will be in Nashville, TN for REPFEST August 4-7. I plan to take lots of pictures and maybe some video. I’m sure I’ll have lots to share with everyone about what’s new and happening with the company, New Avon, LLC.  

Make sure you have the tools needed for your business.  You should always order brochures.