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March Team Newsletter

Although the weather does not feel like it, it is officially Spring.  As always there’s a lot going on in the world of Avon.  Remember to take the time to read all the emails coming out.  Also you can find weekly updates on by going to Avon Buzz.  Below, you’ll find some information on what’s happening in Avon. Be sure to check out your Avon What’s New to see the new fashion for Spring, great Mother’s Day bundles, and so much more.

If you aren’t using social media to promote your business, you could be losing out on potential sales and new customers.  Be sure to join the Avon Social FB group.  You’ll get lots of information and help on using social media to grow your business.  Are you using the Avon Social tab?  With this tab, you will find a variety of content to post to your social media pages.  It’s better than the Social Media Center (SMC). Once you connect your social media pages you can schedule your content to post at different times on different days in a matter of minutes.  You can schedule posts up to 5 weeks in advance.  Avon Social also give you the ability to track the performance of your posts.

Are You Registered for RepFest?

AVON RepFest 2018 is heading to Columbus, OH.  There will be three days of fun, learning, friendship, swag, and much more planned, from Friday, July 27 – Sunday, July 29. This year’s RepFest will be held at the Nationwide Arena and the Columbus Convention Center.  This year’s keynote speaker is Barbara Corcoran (if you’ve seen Shark Tank, you’ve seen her). We’ll receive special entertainment by the band Rascal Flatts.  Be sure to mark your calendars.  Early registration for RepFest ends on March 31.  When early registration ends, the cost to register increases.  Start saving and planning now!  Will I see you with me this year?

Have you heard the buzz about Flexible Ordering?  The mail plans will be eliminated and Flexible ordering starts in Campaign 9.  Avon is starting this to create a simple and easy way to submit orders.  With Flexible Ordering you can place your order whenever you want within the two-week campaign window.  This means no more late fees and no add on fees.  There is still a shipping fee, but there will never be a late fee.

Updated Policies and Procedures:  PLEASE BE SURE TO READ AT

Avon Sales Levels – Join the President’s Club to Earn 40%

Did you know you only need an estimated $385 per campaign (campaign’s 1-26) or to reach $10,000 in award sales in 2018 to make President’s Club?  When you are a PC (President’s Club) Member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size for the entire year!  Plus you receive other great benefits. Check out the President’s Recognition Booklet found on under the PRP tab.  If you’re not an Avon Representative and would like to start your own business, get started today at

Avon Leadership

Did you know that all Avon Representatives can now start a team online? That means you can start a team nationwide by promoting the Avon Opportunity online.  Tell prospects to go to and enter your reference code. Your reference code is the last part of your Avon website URL.  Since my Avon website URL is, my reference code is edavis4313.  You can also promote the Avon opportunity directly from the Social Media Center on in the web office.

If you’re not an Avon Representative yet, but would like to start your own business contact me or go online to and click THIS IS BOSS LIFE.

Join Me in Welcoming Our Newest Team Member!


Top Sales – Congrats Ladies!!!

Campaign 4

Queenette M. – $124.00

Campaign 5

Suzanne S. – $451.00

Campaign 6

Suzanne S. – $373.00

Congrats for top sales YTD

Suzanne S. $2156.00

Remember team I’m here to support you, so please reach out if you need help or have questions.


Check out the current incentives.  Get more details at

Have you heard of BLAB:  Build Like A Boss?

BLAB is the newest incentive where you earn a scratch off ticket for every personal Qualified Recruit.  Every ticket is a winner!  The more you recruit the more prizes you’ll earn and there’s no limit.  But hurry this incentive ends in Campaign 10.  Start recruiting now.  If you need help and more info on starting your Avon Team, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Not an Avon Rep yet, but want to start, join now at and click on This is Boss Life.

The Pinning Streak

Place an order every Campaign during C1 through C13 (TS C3-15) to earn an exclusive pin! Pinning Streak is open to all Representatives and gives everyone the opportunity to earn. Consistency is key to growing your Avon business and that’s why Avon created this incentive that rewards you when you place an order in all 13 Campaigns. Find more details on > Success Center.

Looks who’s in the running for achieving this incentive:

Brenda L.

Janice S.

Suzanne S.

Keep Placing those Orders Ladies!

Join Me in Congratulating Our Team Member Who Achieved Prizes in the Shake Up Your Sales Incentive!

Suzanne S.