Avon Fundraising

Does your school, club, or Organization need to raise money? Avon can help with products that every family needs and already buys.

Fundraising with Avon

Are you tired of candy bars and wrapping paper?  Avon is the perfect fundraiser.  Avon offers a selection of fundraiser flyers, each featuring a selection of our best sellers, and products that you will actually use.

Your Organization Can Earn Up To 35% Profit!

No matter who you are trying to raise money for – a church, athletic team, school, or a friend in need, Avon is your best choice.

I am an Independent Avon Representative located in Maryland and I’m here to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Take the burden of fundraising off you and your organization

Two Fundraising Options to Best Meet your Needs

Online Fundraising

You will be set up with a fundraising website (at no cost to you) specifically designed to help you raise funds.  Customers order online, products are delivered to their door, and you reap the fundraising money.

  • It’s Easy. All of your friends, family, and community do is shop online via your Online Fundraiser Link.  These are products that you are already using and buying.
  • We can even host a Facebook Party as part of your Fundrasiser
  • Customers will pay for their orders at the time of purchase and will receive their order within 3-5 business days via UPS.
  • The average customer order is over $20
  • No collecting Orders, money, or delivering.
  • No Door to Door Selling. Everything is done online.
  • All products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • Once the fundraiser is complete, you will receive a check for your earnings – up to 30%

Flyer Fundraising

These exclusive fundraising flyers make your Avon Fundraiser very easy to facilitate.  You can choose one or more flyers to best meet your needs.  See flyer images at the bottom of this page.

  • There’s minimal paperwork to complete
  • No need to buy merchandise up front
  • No door to door selling. Participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors, and friends, and still produce a profitable fundraiser.
  • The average Customer order is over $15!
  • All products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee.
  • Your organization can have its money in hand in as few as 3 weeks – up to 30%

Fill out the form below and I will contact you: 

Here are the current Fundraising Flyers Available.  They change according to the Season.

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