September Team Newsletter


Anyone else feel like this year is moving too fast? I can’t believe the holiday season is almost upon us. There’s a lot going on with our company and I hope everyone is taking the time to read all the emails coming out and checking out the Avon Buzz found on Below I’ve provided some information on a couple of the activities taking place. 

 Avon kicked off an Eight Week Training Series called Social Selling Simplified. These trainings take place every Wednesday at 8 PM EDT. We’ve completed four weeks so far. It’s not too late! You can still register to take the remaining classes and even catch up by listening to the replay. Get more details by going to 

Everyone should know by now, that Avon has introduced the A Box. The A Box is Avon’s beauty box packed with hand-picked favorites each campaign. There are full size and trial sized products in each box. A new one is available each campaign. Each box is $10 when your customer places a $40 order. This is a great opportunity for your customer to try some of our best selling items at a discount.

 With the catastrophic flooding and wind damage done by Hurricane Harvey, Avon has created the Hurricane Relief Bundle. This bundle is $10 and will help fund a selection of critical personal care products and houseware items. Avon will transport these items to area shelters and domestic violence shelters in the Houston area. The entire $10 is donated to this cause. Avon nor the Avon Reps are making money from this effort. This is a great cause to share with your customers. They can order through your e-store or through their personal Avon rep. The line number for this bundle is 258-076 and will be available until those in need no longer need our support. There is no limit to the number of bundles anyone can order. Your invoice will note that this is a Gift-in-Kind, Charitable Donation to Hurricane Harvey Relief. 

 Can’t Miss Opportunities

 Drive Like A Boss Workshop – Avon will be offering these workshops in 50 locations through September in English and Spanish. The workshops are a Full Day of FREE training and gets you one step closer to earning your very own Mini Cooper and accelerating your business. Get more details at and register to attend a location near you. 

 The September Virtual Sales Meeting – This month’s sales meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 8 PM EDT. The Avon Home Office will share the latest beauty trends, cool fall fashions, and amazing products we have to have and share with our customers. If you are unable to make the meeting still register at and you’ll be able to listen to the replay at your convenience. 


 Avon Sales Levels – Join the President’s Club to Earn 40%


Did you know you only need an estimated $385 per campaign (campaign’s 1-26) or to reach $10,000 in award sales in 2017 to make President’s Club? When you are a PC (President’s Club) Member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size for the entire year! Plus you receive other great benefits. Check out the President’s Recognition Booklet found on under the PRP tab.  If you’re not an Avon Representative and would like to start your own business, get started today at

 Avon Leadership

Did you know that all Avon Representatives can now start a team online? That means you can start a team nationwide by promoting the Avon Opportunity online. Tell prospects to go to and enter your reference code. Your reference code is the last part of your Avon website URL. Since my Avon website URL is, my reference code is edavis4313. You can also promote the Avon opportunity directly from the Social Media Center on in the web office.   

 If you’re not an Avon Representative yet, but would like to start your own business contact me or go online to and click THIS IS BOSS LIFE.  

 Top Sales – Congrats Ladies!!!


Campaign 18

 – Queenette M. – $329.00

 Campaign 19

 – Char M. – 421.00


Remember team I’m here to support you, so please reach out if you need help or have questions.

 Campaign 21 has started and so has New Incentives offered by Avon.  Check for details. 

Team Newsletter August 2016

Campaign 18 is almost over.

Order Reminder Dates for Campaign 18

RPS 1 Due 8/10 Wednesday
RPS 2 Due 8/11 Thursday
RPS 3 Due 8/14 Sunday
RPS 4 Due 8/15 Monday
RPS 5 Due 8/16 Tuesday
RPS 6 Due 8/17 Wednesday
RPS 7 Due 8/18 Thursday
RPS 8 Due 8/21 Sunday
RPS 9 Due 8/22 Monday
RPS 10 Due 8/23 Tuesday

Order Reminder Dates for Campaign 19

RPS 1 Due 8/24 Wednesday
RPS 2 Due 8/25 Thursday
RPS 3 Due 8/28 Sunday
RPS 4 Due 8/29 Monday
RPS 5 Due 8/30 Tuesday
RPS 6 Due 8/31 Wednesday
RPS 7 Due 9/1 Thursday
RPS 8 Due 9/4 Sunday
RPS 9 Due 9/5 Monday
RPS 10 Due 9/6 Tuesday


Image result for bravo

Top Sales in Campaign 17

Donna K. $320.00

Top Sales in Campaign 16

Queenette M. $486.00

Sales Chart – Order Size Earnings!!

Order Size Earnings
$0 – $49.99 0%
$50 – $149.99 20%
$150 – $294.99 30%
$295 – $439.99 35%
$440 – $924.99 40%
$925 – $1,574.99 45%
$1,575 + 50%

Current Incentives

Avon’s Journey to Gold Program

We are nearing the end of this incentive (campaign 19).

Earn Extra Bonus Money:  Help your 1st person get started with Avon and you can get $35 when they place their first order of $100 or more.  You also get $10 for their 2nd, 3rd, & 4th $100 orders.  That’s a total of $65 for each new person on your team.  Check out the video below with more info.


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Didn’t make it to RepFest this year?  Check our the video below that recaps the 3 day conference.  I’ll be posting more details later.

Team Newsletter June


Campaign 13 is in full swing.

Order Reminders and Dates for Campaign 13

RPS 1 Due 6/1 Wednesday
RPS 2 Due 6/2 Thursday
RPS 3 Due 6/5 Sunday
RPS 4 Due 6/6 Monday
RPS 5 Due 6/7 Tuesday
RPS 6 Due 6/8 Wednesday
RPS 7 Due 6/9 Thursday
RPS 8 Due 6/12 Sunday
RPS 9 Due 6/13 Monday
RPS 10 Due 6/14 Tuesday


way to go


Queenette M. $693


Serah A. $239

Sales Chart – Order Size Earnings!!

Order Size Earnings
$0 – $49.99 0%
$50 – $149.99 20%
$150 – $294.99 30%
$295 – $439.99 35%
$440 – $924.99 40%
$925 – $1,574.99 45%
$1,575 + 50%


  • Go to school on Avon’s dime when you’re an active representative at Capella University.  Find out more at
  • Earn extra Bonus Money: Help your 1st person get started with Avon and you can get $35 when they place their first order of $100 or more.  You also get $10 for their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th $100 orders.  That’s a total of $65 for each new person on your team.  Check out the video below with more info.

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The Holidays Are Coming

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